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I would like to be able to make a dynamic objet in nodejs, which when a poperty is accessed, a function is called with the property name. As an example is far more explicit than a text:

// what I am seeking
obj.get = function(name) {
   return "Hello, "+ name
console.log(obj.foo); // Excpected : Hello, foo
console.log(obj.bar); // Excpected : Hello, bar


I know there is Proxy, but they don't exist in node.js. How to do that in nodejs?

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  • Without the ES6 proxy feature, there's really no good way to do this. The language simply doesn't have support for such a thing. edit you can always invoke Node with --harmony_proxies true ... – Pointy May 28 '14 at 18:12
  • @Pointy maybe, but please reopen since it is no more a duplicate. – Vinz243 May 28 '14 at 18:13
  • It is a duplicate - whether it's in the browser or Node it's the same issue. Check out the --harmony_proxies V8 option for Node. – Pointy May 28 '14 at 18:14
  • OK, thanks but it isn't the same duplicate then : stackoverflow.com/questions/10665892/… – Vinz243 May 28 '14 at 18:16
  • Ha I was just about to link that question here :) I'll add a comment to the other one - I think it's a good question with well written answers so it works as a focal point for this topic. – Pointy May 28 '14 at 18:19

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