I was attempting to use Traceur for a few small client-side micro libraries that I maintain. I would like to refactor them to use "classes" and a few other ES6 features and then compile an es5 version for production.

However, once I add classes the compiled out requires the runtime which is really big for all I need (just extending constructor functions). Is there a way to configure it so that it puts just what it needs to run into one file like CoffeeScript?


You can build your own runtime by following the recipe in the Makefile and omitting the files you don't need. traceur is 'self-hosted' so you use the ./traceur command with inputs and flags to create an output file which is the runtime source. Start with make bin/traceur-runtime.js then whittle down the files until you have what you need.

We are working on an automated way to do this, but it's not likely to be done soon.

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