Can any one told me if I have a list of contact and read them in my application and I want to set contact to favorite from my application directly, so that when I open my phone contact again I will be able to find contact in the favorite list of android phone.

Please help


you must add permission to your application to be able to write to the contact content provider. android.permission.WRITE_CONTACTS android.permission.READ_CONTACTS

After that you need to update the value for the STARRED field.

ContentValues v = new ContentValues(); v.put(ContactsContract.Contacts.STARRED,1); getContentResolver().update(ContactsContract.Contacts.CONTENT_URI, v, ContactsContract.Contacts.Data.DATA1+"=?", new String[]{putThePhoneNumberHere+""});


You need to update value STARRED in contacts database from 0 to 1.

Something like:

values.put(Contacts.STARRED, 1);

getContentResolver().update(Contacts.CONTENT_URI, values, Contacts.DISPLAY_NAME + "= ?", strNamevalue);

This is a sql query:

UPDATE %Contacts.CONTENT_URI% SET STARRED = 1 WHERE %Contacts.DISPLAY_NAME% = %strNamevalue% 

Values in %% should be replaced by valid table name and where clause params

Hope it helps

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