In my blade file

<form id="" 

And my routes.php:

Route::get('/apply/post/{ref}', function($ref) {

// 1. Define some rules and validate...
    $rules =  array('forename' => array('required'), 'email' => array('required'), 'surname' => array('required'), 'address1' => array('required') );

$validator = Validator::make(Input::all(), $rules, array('required' => 'The :attribute is required.') );

if( $validator->fails() ) {
    $messages = $validator->messages();
    return Redirect::to("http://example.co.uk/apply/{$ref}")->withInput()->withErrors($messages);
 } else {
    // do stuff with Input::all()

No matter what I try for Redirect::to(), i.e. Redirect::back() Upon form submission, I end up getting redirected back to http://example.co.uk/apply/post/234 which leads me to an undefined route and an error page.

If the user fails validation I really want them redirected back to http://example.co.uk/apply/234 with the errors/messages displayed. This way they can re-try entering the correct information with the form eventually getting submitted to http://example.co.uk/apply/post/234 say.

Don't ask, I inherited the code and my Laravel is beginner, but is this possible using the framework?


You POST to the route from your form


But your route is defined as GET

 Route::get('/apply/post/{ref}', function($ref) {

change it to POST

 Route::post('/apply/post/{ref}', function($ref) {
  • Thanks. I try with Route::post() its now fighting me with: The HTTP status code "0" is not valid. – cookie May 29 '14 at 11:54
  • Edit: It now works with Redirect::to("http://example.co.uk/apply/{$ref}")->withInput()->withErrors($messages); – cookie May 29 '14 at 12:57

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