How to make elasticsearch apply new configuration? I changed one string in file ~ES_HOME/config/elasticsearch.yml:

# Disable HTTP completely:
http.enabled: false

Then tried to reload elasticsearch:

elasticsearch reload

Then tried to restart elasticsearch:

elasticsearch restart

Then checked and see that http requests are still acceptable to elastic search.

So my settings are not applied.

My os is os X. ElasticSearch version is 1.2.0


Strangely or not so, the supposed way to do it is just to stop the service, and start it again :)

I.E. get its pid (running ps axww | grep elastic), and then kill ESpid ; just be sure to use the TERM signal, to give it a chance to close properly.

Some *nix elasticsearch distros have control scripts wrappers for start/stop , but I don't think OS X does.

And on a side note, you have probably found the Cluster Update Settings API, and though it provides quite a few options, regretfully it can't be used to change that particular setting.


P.S. And yep, in Windows setup the services.msc is the way to do it, but doubt this is helpful for you :)

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    sudo systemctl stop elasticsearch.service; sudo systemctl start elasticsearch.service
    – mido
    Aug 17 '17 at 9:47

When you have installed the current version (7.4 at the time of writing) of Elasticsearch on macOS with Homebrew, you can run:

brew services restart elastic/tap/elasticsearch-full

This will restart Elasticsearch and reload te configuration.


If ElasticSearch is installed on Windows setup then you have to restart ElasticSearch windows service.


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