I've created a figure with this

  fig8 = plt.figure()
  ax8 = fig8.gca(projection = '3d')

It gives me this

enter image description here

My problem is I really need the limit of axis x to be exactly 0.8. It seems that matplotlib always make the axis a little bit longer than the limits that we've set. Any idea?


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It seems to be hard-coded: https://github.com/matplotlib/matplotlib/blob/master/lib/mpl_toolkits/mplot3d/axis3d.py#L178

If you replace this line by:

deltas = 0*(maxs - mins) / 12.

you get the desired output but labels are now weirdly positioned.


Thanks @Nicolas Rougier for the suggestion

to fix the positions of the labels, instead of changing that line. I kept it and change the two lines below

deltas = (maxs - mins) / 12.
mins = mins
maxs = maxs

It works!!!!

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