I'm trying to combine browserify and mootools if possible. I load mootools in the head of my page and then I attempt to define a class in a way that Browserify can parse this way in a file called parallax.js:

module.exports = new Class({

    Implements: [Options, Events],

    options: {
        container: window

    initialize: function(options) {


Then in another file called `app.js' that is the main js file for the app, I require parallax.js like so:

var parallax = require('./parallax.js');

But the call to initalize gives an error:

Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function 

I suspect I've thought of this all wrong, but I'm unsure how to leverage MooTools alongside the modularity the Browserify permits. Perhaps MooTools and Browserify just don't play well together?

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I work in a similar environment, only that instead of browserify I use wrapup which is pretty similar, your code doesn't work because you forgot to use the new keyword.

instead of doing

var parallax = require('./parallax.js'); 

you should be doing

var Parallax = require('./parallax'),
parallax = new Parallax()

while MooTools exports on the global object so you should be able to require it, I usually just include MooTools in the page before calling my main cjs file.

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