There has got to be a better way to write this:

<?php $imagecounter = "no";
    foreach (glob("images/*.jpg") as $image)    {
    $imagecounter = "yes";
    foreach (glob("images/*.png") as $image)    {
    $imagecounter = "yes";
    foreach (glob("images/*.gif") as $image)    {
    $imagecounter = "yes";
    if ($imagecounter == "yes"){Create gallery}?>

That folder might have zip or pdf files too that should not create a gallery

  • So basiclly you want to check if there are any images inside the folder? – Junior May 31 '14 at 10:54
if(glob("images/*.{jpg,png,gif}", GLOB_BRACE))
  //create gallery

And that's about it :)


I think you want to remove foreach looping and check that in images folder any extension from "jpg,png,gif". so you can use ternary operator. Here is sample code.

$imagecounter = glob("img/*.jpg")?'yes':$imagecounter;
$imagecounter = glob("img/*.png")?'yes':$imagecounter;
$imagecounter = glob("img/*.gif")?'yes':$imagecounter;

if ($imagecounter == "yes"){Create gallery}

?> If i assume wrong, let me know mate.

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