I am looking for a way to remove the first occurrence of a comma in a string, for example

"some text1, some tex2, some text3"

should return instead:

"some text1 some text2, some tex3"

So, the function should only look if there's more than one comma, and if there is, it should remove the first occurrence. This could be probably solved with the regex but I don't know how to write it, any ideas ?


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This will do it:

if (str.match(/,.*,/)) { // Check if there are 2 commas
    str = str.replace(',', ''); // Remove the first one

When you use the replace method with a string rather than an RE, it just replaces the first match.

  • "So, the function should only look if there's more than one comma, and if there is, it should remove the first occurrence. ". I don't want to remove comma if there's only one in string.
    – Zed
    May 31, 2014 at 12:34

String.prototype.replace replaces only the first occurence of the match:

"some text1, some tex2, some text3".replace(',', '')
// => "some text1 some tex2, some text3"

Global replacement occurs only when you specify the regular expression with g flag.

var str = ",.,.";
if (str.match(/,/g).length > 1) // if there's more than one comma
    str = str.replace(',', '');
  • If nothing is exist on str then it'll throw length undefined property error. So use optional chain to avoid that. Example if(str.match(/,/g)?.length > 1) Jun 15, 2021 at 8:02

A simple one liner will do it:

text = text.replace(/^(?=(?:[^,]*,){2})([^,]*),/, '$1');

Here is how it works:

regex = re.compile(r"""
    ^                # Anchor to start of line|string.
    (?=              # Look ahead to make sure
      (?:[^,]*,){2}  # There are at least 2 commas.
    )                # End lookahead assertion.
    ([^,]*)          # $1: Zero or more non-commas.
    ,                # First comma is to be stripped.
    """, re.VERBOSE)
  • It's not really "simple" when you use a regex with lookahead and whatnot, but I get your point. I would use a simpler regex. replace(/^([^,]*),/, '$1') (get all chars form start until first comma and group, add first comma, replace all with group). BUT as said above by someone else, replace stops at first occurence, so it's better suited for the job when not using regex.
    – Szzaass
    Mar 16 at 21:46

you could also use a lookahead like so ^(.*?),(?=.*,) and replace w/ $1


a way with split:

var txt = 'some text1, some text2, some text3';

var arr = txt.split(',', 3);

if (arr.length == 3)
    txt = arr[0] + arr[1] + ',' + arr[2];

or shorter:

if ((arr = txt.split(',', 3)).length == 3)
    txt = arr[0] + arr[1] + ',' + arr[2];

If there are less than 3 elements in the array (less than 2 commas) the string stay unchanged. The split method use the limit parameter (set to 3), as soon as the limit of 3 elements is reached, the split method stops.

or with replace:

txt = txt.replace(/,(?=[^,]*,)/, '');

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