Following the EMB example "Custom List" found in "RAD Studio\12.0\Samples\FireMonkey\CustomListBox"

It demonstrated by code how to have Items customized on the ListBox.

Inserting one Item on the TListBox by code:

  // create custom item
  Item := TListBoxItem.Create(nil);
  Item.Parent := ListBox1;
  Item.StyleLookup := 'CustomItem';
  Item.Text := 'item ' + IntToStr(Item.Index); // set filename
  if Odd(Item.Index) then
    Item.ItemData.Bitmap := Image1.Bitmap // set thumbnail
    Item.ItemData.Bitmap := Image2.Bitmap; // set thumbnail
  Item.StylesData['resolution'] := '1024x768 px'; // set size
  Item.StylesData['depth'] := '32 bit';
  Item.StylesData['visible'] := true; // set Checkbox value

I want to do the same using LiveBinding exclusively.

I could success show the style and bind some of the items:

TListBox with Customized Items

And some of the LiveBindings (using a prototype):


And this is a piece of the custom style from the delphi example:

Custom Style

My questions:

  1. How can I access the other 3 defined items to fill up with data?
  2. How can I get the event from the Button and CheckBox (both going to same event handler)
  3. How can I make that works in a frame? There is no working StyleBook component at design time

Bonus question :)

Is it possible to have all above working with a StyleBook exclusive for this kind of need? (a StyleBook that holds all and only TListBoxItems Sytles?) , so no messing with the StyleBook that is the form´s defined.

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