Admittedly I am new to Eclipse. I have it configured properly for Android development but I want to add the PDT plug-in for PHP development. I have followed the instructions for updating PDT for the Galileo version of Eclipse located here ...


When I search through the available PHP tools the only option is the PDT SDK feature. I was looking for the runtime option instead of the SDK. I don't want to install the SDK for PDT as I just want to use it and not modify it. The PDT 2.2 instructions seem to have a runtime option but I want to install PDT 2.1 instead of 2.2 as PDT 2.2 has not been released yet. Am I missing something? Thanks.


I am answering my own question. I found the following URL and used it as the URL to "work with" in the Eclipse updater ...


This repository gave me the PDT 2.1 runtime I was looking for. I hope this helps someone else.

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