Each time I scroll top down / top up a buffer the Backtrace buffer pops-up and takes half the size of my window, this is quit annoying. Especially as I don't use at all this buffer, so does anyone know how to prevent Bracktrace to pop-up?

I would be grateful. :)

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    I don't believe that I've ever used Emacs 23, but perhaps you have something similar to a debug setting like this: (setq debug-on-error t) If you comment out that setting, then detailed backtracing might be eliminated. However, the beginning or ending of buffer messages that I see in the latest version of Emacs Trunk do not generate a detailed backtrace message. – lawlist Jun 1 '14 at 22:25
  • Normal editing should not bring up such a backtrace, even if you have set debug-on-error, so please show us the backtrace you get. – Stefan Jun 2 '14 at 12:39

lawlist is correct; this is certainly a consequence of the debug-on-error variable being set.

If you're not setting it yourself, then it must be a third-party library. You could use M-x rgrep RET debug-on-error RET (or maybe debug-on-error t) on your site-lisp and custom lisp directories, to help track down which library is responsible.

If you happen to use nxhtml, then it's likely to be that at fault (I'm don't think it's been updated anytime recently, and the last version I saw still had this issue in the code). Look in nxhtml-base.el and comment out the offending line (or look in autostart.el if you don't have the nxhtml-base.el file).


I used emacs23 this past few years, but ​​multiples updates packages (especially Python-for-Emacs) have bound me this morning to upgrade to 24. I have no problems now.

Thanks you for your time and your answers.

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