Hello I have a little problem with my alarm clock. Everything works normally on PC while mobile (Safari) the timer is ignored. Here is the script:

    var audioElement = document.createElement('audio');
var alarmtime ;
var alarmseted = false;
var starttime = null;
var onehour = 1000*60*60;
        alarmtime = $("input").val();
  alarmsetted = true;
        starttime = new Date();
        starttime = null;
$("#textbox1").val( new Date(new Date().valueOf() + 1*60*1000).toLocaleTimeString());
        var storage = $("#main");
      var date = new Date();
  var timestr = date.toLocaleTimeString();
  if (alarmseted) {
            //storage.html(storage.html() +
        }if (alarmtime === timestr)
    alarmseted = false;
        }if (starttime!== null) {
            storage.html(storage.html() + "<br />" +(new Date(date-starttime-onehour)).toLocaleTimeString());

The problem is that mobile sound is played from the very beginning and so if I parameter one hour the alarm to ring it nothing happens.

I tried to put audioElement.load (); in the condition if (AlarmTime === timestr) but nothing happens either the music does not start.


What you want do accomplish is not possible because you cannot programmatically play audio/video in most mobile browsers without direct physical interaction from the user (e.g ontouchstart, onclick, etc.). The best you can do is listen for a touchstart event anywhere on the document, call play() on the audio, immediately call pause(), and then wait for the alarm before playing the audio again.

  • Yes - it states in the Safari HTML5 Audio and Video Guide - Note: On iOS, the Web Audio API requires sounds to be triggered from an explicit user action, such as a tap.
    – Bamsworld
    Jun 2 '14 at 14:46

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