I am developing an OSX application that some features of it requires ROOT privileges I figured out how to debug my app as root (simply in schemes).

But I want users to run it as Root so they will have access to its features.

How can I do this??

  • Run as root or run with sudo? There's a difference. I'm assuming you want to run with sudo. Running as root means running it under the root user account. – sudo Jun 3 '14 at 2:30
  • Why would you want this? Just log in as root. – uchuugaka Jun 3 '14 at 6:53
  • - I have some functionality , that requires su prieveleges there, – ColdSteel Jun 3 '14 at 7:43
  • @9000 yes I want my users to run it as sudo. – ColdSteel Jun 3 '14 at 8:05
  • i have install helperTool successfully, still macosxvpn code not run on Debug Process as (Me). can anyone help me? – Sawan Cool Sep 10 '15 at 6:29

Do not run desktop applications as root. The Mac OS X frameworks are not intended to be used this way, and undesirable behavior will result (e.g, files/folders owned by root in the user's Library; process not responsive to "force quit"; potential security vulnerabilities).

Use Authorization Services to run specific, limited privileged operations as root.

  • Indeed. The correct way to do this is request authorization for specific tasks or to log in as root. There is no reason any user land app should run with root privileges constantly. That just gives the user root and opens things for disaster. Both external and user blunder. – uchuugaka Jun 3 '14 at 6:53
  • It looks like exactly what I want , just didn't understand about tasks: when I call a method : I can put it there on vompletion block , and then run my restricted function ? – ColdSteel Jun 3 '14 at 7:40
  • i am using this github.com/halo/macosvpn code in osx Application, this code work only when i set root and compile from Xcode, but when i run myapplication.app file not working, not store password in System Keychain. Furthermore i have install Helpertool, still no progress – Sawan Cool Sep 9 '15 at 14:58
  • i have install helperTool successfully, still macosxvpn socurce code not store password in System Keychain on Debug Process as (Me). Can anyone help me? – Sawan Cool Sep 10 '15 at 6:30
  • 4
    sometimes developers like me needs to execute some apps with sudo so don't tell such things like mac os x is not intended to be used in that way... osx is unix bases OS and its normal to use root permissions sometimes. see also (AppleSupport)[support.apple.com/en-us/HT204012] – To Kra Jan 27 '16 at 10:02

If it's a typical OS X application bundle, you can run it as root in the Terminal with:

sudo /Applications/YourAppName.app/Contents/MacOS/YourAppName

You could save a file containing just this, and name it YourAppLauncher.command, and it would be double-clickable from the Finder.

Or, in AppleScript:

do shell script "/Applications/YourAppName.app/Contents/MacOS/YourAppName" ¬
    with administrator privileges user name "username" password "password"

Then save that as an Application to launch your app as root. It won't prompt for a password (if you want it to, remove everything after with administrator privileges.

  • And I can upload it to appStore with this ? – ColdSteel Jun 6 '14 at 18:26
  • Definitely not. You'd need to programmatically grant privileged access via appropriate frameworks, and even then I don't even know one way or the other if they let anything at all that uses privileged access into the Mac App Store. I'm thinking they don't but can't say so authoritatively. – Ivan X Jun 6 '14 at 23:03
  • can you explain in detail regarding AppleScript as you wrote above i write as you suggested above under BUILD PHASES-> RUN SCRIPT .. but it is giving me errors. – Malav Soni Mar 31 '15 at 12:00

You can create a local server and keep it running in /Library/LaunchDaemons. This will let the server auto startup and gain the root privilege. I found a good article talking about this.


  • I ended app nesting applications, one app as launcher asks for privileges and open the needed app as root. – ColdSteel Apr 20 '19 at 23:00

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