It appears as though the PDfPCell class does have a border property on it but not the PdfPTable class.

Is there some property on the PdfPTable class to set the borders of all its contained cells in one statement?

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Borders are defined at the level of the cell, not at the level of the table. Hence: if you want to remove the borders of the table, you need to remove the borders of each cell.

By default, each cell has a border. You can change this default behavior by changing the border of each cell. For instance: if you create PdfPCell objects, you use:


In case the cells are created internally, you need to change that property at the level of the default cell. See What is the PdfPTable.DefaultCell property used for?


For special borders, for instance borders with rounded corners or a single border for the whole table, or double borders, you can use either cell events or table events, or a combination of both. In Chapter 5 of my book "iText in Action - Second Edition", you'll find a PDF with double borders. See the PressPreviews example to see how this was done. Note that all examples from the book were ported to C#. You can find these examples here.

The official site also has examples where the borders are dotted lines, have rounded corners, and so on.


iTextSharp has no setBorder() method.

I tried the following:

cell.HasBorder(Rectangle.NO_BORDER); // <= this did nothing
cell.BorderColor = BaseColor.WHITE; // <= this works for me, but if your document's background is not white, you might not like it
cell.BorderWidth = 0; // <= this works like gangbusters

So it seems the "safest" way to go is to set BorderWidth to zilch AKA nada.


The following worked for me.

cell.Border = Rectangle.NO_BORDER;

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