When running visit(), the Ember transition occurs correctly: Transitioned into 'auth',

however, PhantomJs does not load: [D] ["phantomjs","onLoadFinished","fail"]

How can this be fixed, why doesn't visit() work?


In a project generated using yo ember, I have the following test spec:

    var assert = chai.assert;
    var expect = chai.expect;
    var should = chai.should();

    App.rootElement = '#main';

    (function () {
        'use strict';

        beforeEach(function() {
            Ember.run(function() {
            Ember.testing = true;

        afterEach(function() {
            Ember.testing = false;

        describe('Basic', function () {

            describe('Smoke test', function() {

                it('Should contain a header', function() {

when I run grunt test --debug, I get the following output:

    [D] ["phantomjs","console","generated -> controller:application [object Object]"]
    generated -> controller:application [object Object]
    [D] ["phantomjs","console","Rendering application with default view <(subclass of Ember.View):ember650> [object Object]"]
    Rendering application with default view <(subclass of Ember.View):ember650> [object Object]
    [D] ["phantomjs","console","Rendering auth with <App.AuthView:ember664> [object Object]"]
    Rendering auth with <App.AuthView:ember664> [object Object]
    [D] ["phantomjs","console","Transitioned into 'auth'"]
    Transitioned into 'auth'
    [D] ["phantomjs","onLoadFinished","fail"]
    [D] ["phantomjs","fail.load","http://localhost:9001/index.html"]
    Warning: PhantomJS unable to load "http://localhost:9001/index.html" URI. Use --force to continue.

    Aborted due to warnings.

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