I'm trying to load a list of filenames from a text file and then run an Exec task for each entry retrieved from the text file.

So I have a file, let's call it SomeFile.txt containing the following:


The MsBuild code I have for this looks like this (which doesn't work:)

<Target Name="runScripts">  

        <scriptsFile Include="SomeFile.txt" />

    <ReadLinesFromFile File="@(scriptsFile)">
        <Output TaskParameter="Lines" ItemName="scriptItems" />

    <Message Text="Running Exec for each entry..." />           
    <Exec Command="$(someCommand) %(scriptItems)" />


This gives me an error saying I need to specify an item name, but if I use anything like %(scriptItems.item) or %(itemname.scriptItems) MsBuild simply puts a blank instead of %(scriptItems).


Ok, I figured it out

Simply need to use


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