I'm trying to write a click function to select the next g.slice node, add a class of .sliceActive to it and remove .sliceActive from the original .slice. However, only when you are at the last g.slice (with a class of .slice5) you would add the .sliceActive to the the first g.slice with a class of .slice0.

This is what I have so far that is not working. I think the problem is I don't know how to see if the current .sliceActive node also has the class of .slice5.

            var nextSlice;
                nextSlice= d3.select(".slice0");
                nextSlice= d3.select("g.sliceActive + g");

And here is how it looks in the web inspector: enter image description here

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d3's classed function with no second parameter will return whether the selected element has the passed class.


Should tell you what you need to know.

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