I'm trying to run a distributed transaction from my machine (SQL Server 2012) to a client server (SQL Server 2008).

I'm trying to run:

begin distributed transaction
select * from [].master.dbo.sysprocesses
Commit Transaction

and I get:

OLE DB provider "SQLNCLI11" for linked server "" returned message "No transaction is active.".
Msg 7391, Level 16, State 2, Line 2
The operation could not be performed because OLE DB provider "SQLNCLI11" for linked server "" was unable to begin a distributed transaction.

I can run a SELECT to that server with data coming back, so at least I know the servers can see each other, and the Linked Server exists and is operating

Now, there are multiple posts on the web for this, but I can't get it to work. This is what I have tried so far:

  1. Set DTC properties to the following (on both server) enter image description here

  2. Restarted the Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC) from Control Panel -> Services (on both servers).

  3. Uninstalled and installed DTC (on both servers).

  4. Restarted the remote server.

  5. Turned off the firewall on both servers.

  6. Enabled sp_configure 'Ad Hoc Distributed Queries', 1 (on both servers).

  7. I ran DTCPing and it pinged successful.

  8. Linked server properties changed to the following: enter image description here

What else are there to try?

UPDATE: Running the transaction from another server to works. Therefore the issue is not on the destination server, but on my machine which is the source.

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If after configuring your MS Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC) on the two SQL server's according to the OP's original post, you still get "no transaction active", you should check that each host is reachable via the IP (assuming that's what you've used) registered in the linked server.

For example; on a recent setup, two SQL servers were reachable through a network in the 192.168.200.x range (same subnet), but each server was also indirectly connected through an IP in the 10.x.x.x range. On one SQL Server, the DNS server it used kept resolving the target SQL server to it's 10.x.x.x IP (which was firewalled) even though the linked server entry used the IP in the 192.168.200.x of the target server.

It appears that MSDTC uses the hostname of the server, while SQL server connects over any linked connection using the IP or hostname defined in the linked server entry, leading to this confusing behaviour of apparent connectivity when checking the target linked server within SQL Management Studio, but inability to execute remote procedures on the target.

The solution was to add entries in the host file's (%windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts) to explicitly force each SQL server to resolve the other to the IP address on the 192.168.200.x network.

On host 1 (IP

# TARGET SERVER    targetserverhostname.and.any.domain.suffix  targetserverhostname

On host 2 (IP

# SOURCE SERVER    sourceserverhostname.and.any.domain.suffix sourceserverhostname

Don't forget to ensure MSDTC has been configured according to the OP's screenshot above allowing network access and (if required) No Authentication.


Setting "Enable promotion of distributed transaction" flag to false (in Linked Server Properties Window) solved my similar problem.

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    Exactly what fixed mine ! – daveD Apr 24 '19 at 15:14
  • Thank you this fixed mine. – Teresa Burger Jan 14 at 0:00

I faced a similar problem and I resolved it as follows. There is a node in tree structure of object explorer in SQL Server. There you will find Serverobjects → LinkedServers → below that there is a list of IP addresses of distributed servers.

Right click on it, select properties, a window will pop up. Select server options in the left pane; you will get list of properties. Set the flag value false to the property "Enable promotion of distributed transaction".


try this SQL above your begin distributed transaction


I had a similar problem. Went through all the things listed to no avail. We have a cluster environment and it turns out our DBA was doing the services work on the cluster and not the main server. Worth keeping that in mind if all else fails :-)


Condition like this may cause same error:

1- Run a transactional script like this and read from linked server:

Begin Tran
... (select command from linked server)...

2- Open a new connection in code and run a non-transactional script

Result: Error will raised!


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