I have a drop down box via the <sj:select> tag that I can't seem to get to populate. I have a getter in the action that it is referencing via the href but it doesn't seem to trigger that action so it isn't seeing the getter. I'm using this method which should work from what I've seen from a few tutorials but I'm apparently missing something somewhere.

In its current state now it's just rendering and empty drop down box.

Quick rundown of what I think should be happening:

  • page should load via InputAction, which it does and populates the list variable with a list of 20 strings
  • the <sj:select> should fire off the action referenced in the href
  • that should trigger the RateClass action which populates my list box

I am going about it this way because based on the input of this box I will be switching in and out lists of strings for future select boxes in this application.

Action Class:

public class RateClass extends InputAction{

private static final long serialVersionUID = -836858635953762820L;
private String selectedUtility;

public String execute(){
    return SUCCESS;

public String getJSON(){
    System.out.println("YAY JSON!!!");
    return execute();

public List<String> getUtilityList() {
    return utilityList;

public String getSelectedUtility() {
    return selectedUtility;

public void setSelectedUtility(String selectedUtility) {
    this.selectedUtility = selectedUtility;


Struts.XML json package:

 <package name="jsonPackage" extends="json-default" namespace="/">
    <action name="rateclass" class="rateclass">
         <result name="success" type="json" />

Bean Definition:

    <bean id="rateclass" class="com.action.input.RateClass" scope="prototype">

Relevant .jsp excerpt:

    <label for="utility">Utility: </label>
<sj:select style="margin-left:50px;" href="%{remoteurl}" id="utility"
            name="selectedUtility" list="utilityList"
            headerKey="-1" headerValue="Please Select a Utility"/>

Struts URL definition:

<s:url id="remoteurl" value="rateclass"></s:url>

The issue was in the prepare() function of my InputAction class that was extended off of my JSON class. Inside of that there was a nullpointer being thrown that wasn't handled due to a DAO object I did not define in my RateClass bean.

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