Why is Oracle's to_char() function adding spaces?

select length('012'), 
       length(to_char('12', '000')) 
  from dual;

3, 3, 4


The format mask that you are using is fixed width and allows for a minus sign


The extra leading space is for the potential minus sign. To remove the space you can use FM in the format:

SQL> select to_char(12,'FM000') from dual;


By the way, note that to_char takes a NUMBER argument; to_char('012') is implicitly converted to to_char(to_number('012')) = to_char(12)

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    just for clarification: to_char(-12,'FM00') would result in -12 and not (as one may fear) 12 or ## – Andreas Dietrich Mar 14 '14 at 11:04

To make the answers given more clear:

select '['||to_char(12, '000')||']', 
       '['||to_char(-12, '000')||']', 
from dual

[ 012]                      [-012]                       [012]  

Be aware when using the 'fm' syntax it will not include any values after the decimal place unless specified using zeros. For example:

SELECT TO_CHAR(12345, 'fm99,999.00') FROM dual                               

returns: '12,345.00'

SELECT TO_CHAR(12345, 'fm99,999.99') FROM dual                            

returns: '12,345.'

As you can see this would be an issue if you are expecting two zeros after the decimals place (maybe in fee reports for example).

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