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Seeing this error when adding a swift file for compilation into a static library. using XCode 6.0 (6A215l)

Full libtool error: Libtool DerivedData/SwiftTest/Build/Products/Debug-iphonesimulator/libstatic.a normal i386 cd /Users/al/dev/ios/SwiftTest2 export IPHONEOS_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET=8.0 export PATH="/Applications/Xcode6-Beta.app/Contents/Developer/Platforms/iPhoneSimulator.platform/Developer/usr/bin:/Applications/Xcode6-Beta.app/Contents/Developer/usr/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin" /Applications/Xcode6-Beta.app/Contents/Developer/Toolchains/XcodeDefault.xctoolchain/usr/bin/libtool -static -arch_only i386 -syslibroot /Applications/Xcode6-Beta.app/Contents/Developer/Platforms/iPhoneSimulator.platform/Developer/SDKs/iPhoneSimulator8.0.sdk -L/Users/al/dev/ios/SwiftTest2/DerivedData/SwiftTest/Build/Products/Debug-iphonesimulator -filelist /Users/al/dev/ios/SwiftTest2/DerivedData/SwiftTest/Build/Intermediates/SwiftTest.build/Debug-iphonesimulator/static.build/Objects-normal/i386/static.LinkFileList -ObjC -L/Applications/Xcode6-Beta.app/Contents/Developer/Toolchains/XcodeDefault.xctoolchain/usr/lib/swift/iphonesimulator -Xlinker -rpath -Xlinker /Applications/Xcode6-Beta.app/Contents/Developer/Toolchains/XcodeDefault.xctoolchain/usr/lib/swift/iphonesimulator -Xlinker -force_load -Xlinker /Applications/Xcode6-Beta.app/Contents/Developer/Toolchains/XcodeDefault.xctoolchain/usr/lib/arc/libarclite_iphonesimulator.a -Xlinker -sectalign -Xlinker __SWIFT -Xlinker __ast -Xlinker 4 -Xlinker -sectcreate -Xlinker __SWIFT -Xlinker __ast -Xlinker /Users/al/dev/ios/SwiftTest2/DerivedData/SwiftTest/Build/Intermediates/SwiftTest.build/Debug-iphonesimulator/static.build/Objects-normal/i386/static.swiftmodule -o /Users/al/dev/ios/SwiftTest2/DerivedData/SwiftTest/Build/Products/Debug-iphonesimulator/libstatic.a

I've create a sample project here, the error happens in a completly fresh project: https://github.com/amleszk/SwiftTest/tree/cd94ca21d817fed336b1a3bfc774a13608e0d1ca

To reproduce checkout the project and build the SwiftTest target, which has a dependency on the static library. Any help appreciated

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    Show the complete build line in your question. – trojanfoe Jun 3 '14 at 17:07
  • Isn't that code in Obj C? I didn't see any swift code in there. Did I miss it? – Johnston Jun 3 '14 at 17:12
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    Any luck with this? I tried the same thing: create a static lib and start writing in Swift but I'm getting the same error – Oli Jun 11 '14 at 6:33

Update: It seems like the official release of Xcode 6 still has that same issue.

From the xcode 6 beta 2 release notes:

It is not possible to build static libraries which contain Swift code in this release

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    I also getting this error using Xcode6-beta6. Any update on this? Thanks. – Allan Macatingrao Sep 3 '14 at 9:07
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    Still getting this error in Pre-released Xcode6 – Allan Macatingrao Sep 11 '14 at 4:08
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    Still getting this with Xcode 6.1 Beta, and the Xcode 6.0.1 GM – Craig Otis Sep 20 '14 at 22:52
  • Same problem. Note that unit tests build fine, just the static library itself doesn't. I'm going to try a Swift framework instead and see how that works out. – ldanilek Oct 4 '14 at 22:18
  • @femot can you update your answer to include that its not working in the official release of Xcode 6 as well – Daniel Galasko Oct 20 '14 at 15:56

I have found the solution. This is hook, but it works. You should do this as root.

  1. Go to default toolchain bin directory

    cd $(xcode-select -p)/Toolchains/XcodeDefault.xctoolchain/usr/bin

  2. Rename current libtool to old_libtool

    mv libtool old_libtool

  3. Create new libtool

    touch libtool && chmod +x libtool

  4. Insert current script as content of new libtool

    import os
    import subprocess
    import sys
    for arg in sys.argv[1:]:
        if arg != '-Xlinker' and arg != '-add_ast_path' and not arg.endswith('swiftmodule'):
    args.insert(0, os.path.join(os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__)), 'old_libtool'))
  5. Compile.

  • Could you explain in better detail why you have to do this and what the script does? – boidkan Feb 5 '16 at 18:12
  • This didn't work for me. Should I make something different, since this answer is old? – Ricardo Anjos Sep 6 '16 at 14:35

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