I'm looking for an example of a java desktop application that consumes a Two-way SSL secured web service. Any tutorials or examples would be great, especially if they are based on the Eclipse IDE.



First, if you're not familiar with SSL, (self-signed) certificates, keytool, key store, trust store, in one word PKI, I'd suggest to start with The Fifteen Minute Guide to Mutual Authentication and Java Secure HTTP Client Key Management. These resources are just awesome and should help you to get started and to understand what you'll need on the server side and the client side (and why).

Then, I suggest to check Mutual Authentication for Web Services: A Live Example.

And for the JBoss specific setup, check out the SSLSetup page of the JBoss wiki (more precisely the Authentication scenario #4).

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I'm not sure what you're looking for, an actual applications that communicates via SSL to a web service provider? SOAPui is right up your alley then - except it's a general-purpose web-service tester and not some domain-specific application.

And it's not eclipse based, although there is a SOAPui Eclipse plugin.

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