Anyone have any suggestions on how to perform arithmetic on 64bit integers in Node.js? The node-int64 package doesn't seem to support that.


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Javascript does not support 64 bit integers, because the native number type is a 64-bit double, giving only 53 bits of integer range.

You can create arrays of 32-bit numbers (i.e. Uint32Array) but if there were a 64-bit version of those there'd be no way to copy values from it into standalone variables.

There are some modules around to provide 64bit integer support:

Maybe your problem can be solved using one of those libraries.

  • Thanks! For some reason, that one didn't come up in my googling. Jun 4, 2014 at 13:22

As of v10.4.0 NodeJS supports the BigInt type natively (see MDN BigInt docs). These support arithmetic operations too.

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