I am creating a ratings form for a number of polymorphic models, Trip and Service, both of which expose the Rateable mixin, which brings in an association has_many :ratings. To submit a single form, I conglomerate both polymorphic models into a proxy, then iterate over the proxy to create the form with simple_fields_for.

Because the forms are for Rating objects on Rateable obj, simple_form created a series of fields, but the names are all "ratings[value]", "ratings[comments]" etc. To fix this, I used the index parameter I found here, which fixed the name issue, as shown below. The labels didn't change as well, though, and I don't know how to tell SimpleForm to use the index param to change the label's for attribute.

  attr_reader :rateables # A simple array of different types of Models

module Rateable
  has_many :ratings, as: :rateable
  accepts_nested_attributes_for :ratings

= simple_form_for @ratings_proxy do |f|
  - @ratings_proxy.rateables.each do |rateable|
    = simple_fields_for :ratings, rateable.ratings.build, index: rateable.class.name do |ratings_form|
      = ratings_form.input :value, as: :radio_buttons
        = ratings_form.input :comments

Now, my HTML for the inputs looks like this:

<!-- Created by one rateable model, Trip.  Note the name attribute on the label vs. input -->
<label for="ratings_Trip_value_5" name="ratings[value]">
  <input class="radio_buttons required" id="ratings_Trip_value_5" name="ratings[Trip][value]" type="radio" value="5">
<!-- Created by a different rateable model, Service -->
<label for="ratings_value_5" name="ratings[value]">
  <input class="radio_buttons required" id="ratings_Service_value_5" name="ratings[Service][value]" type="radio" value="5">

I added the index param on the simple_fields_for expecting it to update labels as well as inputs, but it doesn't seem to have done so. How do I change where the label points, so that it points at the inputs with the new name

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I ended up solving this by replacing ratings_form.input :value, as: :radio_buttons with ratings_form.collection_radio_buttons

  • As a follow up, I never found any method which controls the label's for attribute in simpleform
    – ABMagil
    Jun 6, 2014 at 14:02

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