Every example of "depends" I can find on the web uses the "required" rule. Clearly this is not sufficient. How do I use the "depends" clause with, for example, a "regex" rule?

I have two radio buttons, if one is selected, I regex-validate a textbox. If the other is selected, I don't care what is in the textbox.


The 2nd example in the documentation uses email:

  rules: {
    contact: {
      required: true,
      email: {
        depends: function(element) {
          return $("#contactform_email:checked")

In summary, that rule is saying "contact is required and it must be an email address if #contactform_email checkbox is checked".

So if you wanted to do that with a regex (or any parameter-requiring rule method), it looks like this:

        minlength: {
            depends: function (element) {
                return $('#len').is(':checked');

Which says "The min length is 6 but only when the #len checkbox is checked".

See it in action here: http://jsfiddle.net/ryleyb/8Nsm3/

  • You are right, I saw the email example, but it works the same way as required so I ignored it. The "param" in your minlength example is what I needed and couldn't find anywhere. Thanks! – svinja Jun 4 '14 at 18:19

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