I am currently working on a widget that was designed in Qt Designer. I am having trouble with the syntax / overall concept of trying to add a row to a Qtable in PyQT. There is no method, which I have yet found to dynamically add rows. Any suggestions would be helpful.


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You can add empty row and later populate all columns. This is how to insert row under all other rows:

rowPosition = self.table.rowCount()

after that you have empty row that you can populate like this for example( if you have 3 columns):

table.setItem(rowPosition , 0, QtGui.QTableWidgetItem("text1"))
table.setItem(rowPosition , 1, QtGui.QTableWidgetItem("text2"))
table.setItem(rowPosition , 2, QtGui.QTableWidgetItem("text3"))

You can also insert row at some other position (not necessary at the end of table)

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    For some reason I had to also make table.setColumnCount(3) to make the table contents visible. (might be because I am using PyQt5)
    – Niko Fohr
    Dec 12, 2016 at 8:56
def add_guest(self):
    rowPosition = self.tableWidget.rowCount()
    guest_name = self.lineEdit.text()
    guest_email = self.lineEdit_2.text()
    numcols = self.tableWidget.columnCount()
    numrows = self.tableWidget.rowCount()           
    self.tableWidget.setItem(numrows -1,0,QtGui.QTableWidgetItem(guest_name))
    self.tableWidget.setItem(numrows -1,1,QtGui.QTableWidgetItem(guest_email))
    print "guest added"         

This is how i got it done for my event organisation application


It is somewhat peculiar, I've found. To insert a row, you have to follow something similar to this:

tableWidget = QTableWidget()
currentRowCount = tableWidget.rowCount() #necessary even when there are no rows in the table
tableWidget.insertRow(currentRowCount, 0, QTableWidgetItem("Some text"))

To clarify the last line of code, the first parameter of insertRow() is the current row, the second one is current column (remember it's always 0-based), and the third must almost always be of type QTableWidgetItem).

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    Not working...TypeError: QTableWidget.insertRow(int): too many arguments.... Please edit the answer... Mar 19, 2017 at 14:06
  • you have do like tableWidget.setItem(currentRowCount, 0, QTableWidgetItem("Some text")) and NOT tableWidget.insertRow(currentRowCount, 0, QTableWidgetItem("Some text"))
    – Sid133
    Jan 10, 2020 at 9:01

You can use this function

def table_appender(widget, *args):

    def set_columns(len, pos):
        if pos == len-1:
            widget.setItem(widget.rowCount()-1, pos, QTableWidgetItem(args[pos]))
            widget.setItem(widget.rowCount()-1, pos, QTableWidgetItem(args[pos]))
            set_columns(len, pos+1)
    set_columns(widget.columnCount(), 0)

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