I have done this to catch Home and Back buttons press events on android devices:

Overrided void Layer::onKeyReleased(EventKeyboard::KeyCode keyCode, Event* event) function like this:

void MyLayer::onKeyReleased(EventKeyboard::KeyCode keyCode, Event* event)
    if (keyCode == EventKeyboard::KeyCode::KEY_BACKSPACE /*KeyboardEvent::KeyCode::Menu(KEY_BACKSPACE)*/)
         CCLOG("You pressed back button");
    else if (keyCode == EventKeyboard::KeyCode::KEY_HOME)
         CCLOG("You pressed home button");
         // pause the game

also have called setKeypadEnabled(true); in init function of MyLayer. Backspace button closes the game on windows, but no reaction on Home button. Also on Android nothing happens when I press Home or Back. How to get this working on cocos2d-x 3.1?

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    You can't override home button action in android. – Vikas Patidar Jun 5 '14 at 5:40
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For catching Back button you need to use EventKeyboard::KeyCode::KEY_ESCAPE. For pausing the game when Home is pressed use void AppDelegate::applicationDidEnterBackground(). There is no way to override home button pushed event.

You can use either EventKeyboard::KeyCode::KEY_BACK or EventKeyboard::KeyCode::KEY_ESCAPE for catching the Android back button event.

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