I have a listview with several items that are created dynamically, each has two subitems that are quantity and code after a query to the database should update the quantity, but to make the code more readable I would like to access subitems by the key and not by its index, something like:


but I don't see how to assign the key though collections.


You have to set the Name property of the ListViewItem or the ListViewSubItem to use the key.

From the ListViesSubItem documentation:

The Name property corresponds to the key for a ListViewItem..::.ListViewSubItem in a ListViewItem..::.ListViewSubItemCollection.

The same is true for the ListViewItem.

  • Wow, many thanks for really fast answer, it had sought without success. Tested and OK.
    – Leonardo
    Mar 8 '10 at 22:55

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