I have an app factory like so

db = SQLAlchemy()

def create_app(environment):
  app = Flask(__name__)

  # ... etc

  return app

then, I have a script which fetches CSVs outside of the context of the application. This script is a cron which is run every x hours

I want to update the sqlite database somehow that the application is using. Is this possible?


Flask-SQLAlchemy only needs an app context to operate. You can create an app context manually.

app = create_app(env)
ctx = app.app_context()

# your code here


This is from the docs here and here.


I know this question has been answered but you can also use the with statement:

from my_package import create_app

app = create_app(my_envrionment)

with app.app_context():
    # your code here

I think this looks a little cleaner :)


Another elegant way to solve this is using the @with_appcontext decorator.

from flask.cli import with_appcontext

def db_init_data():
    """Init db with some data"""
    admin = User(fname='John', lname='Smith', email='jsmith@google.com')

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