How to format Date in Angular Java script?


<p id="summaryHeader">Calendar of {{dt}}</p>

I get the value as 2014-06-05T12:38:42.744Z

I tried this

<p id="summaryHeader">Calendar of {{dt|date:'MMMM dd'}}</p>

which gives me

Calendar of June 05

I need it as Calendar of June 05th or July 2nd and so on.. the rear rd,th,st is what I am looking for.

Anuglar Docs are good but don't specify this formatting.


I guess this is what you are looking for - http://www.michaelbromley.co.uk/blog/13/an-ordinal-date-filter-for-angularjs A custom filter using the logic

app.filter('dateSuffix', function($filter) {
  var suffixes = ["th", "st", "nd", "rd"];
  return function(input) {
    var dtfilter = $filter('date')(input, 'MMMM dd');
    var day = parseInt(dtfilter.slice(-2));
    var relevantDigits = (day < 30) ? day % 20 : day % 30;
    var suffix = (relevantDigits <= 3) ? suffixes[relevantDigits] : suffixes[0];
    return dtfilter+suffix;

And a Demo: http://plnkr.co/edit/HiyQ9uvxQL3FRoj7hKB8?p=preview

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    I continued upon your example in my answer, but wanted to thank you and give you proper credit for the filter you created, nice work. – Brocco Jun 5 '14 at 13:42

You are correct that the date filter does not provide this formatting... I would suggest that you either write your own filter, or just do this:

Calendar of {{dt|date:'MMMM dd'}}{{getOrdinal(dt)}}

if you write your own, I would start with the one from angular as a baseline.

EDIT the idea of writing your own in the answer provided by guru is the approach I would take.

To expand upon the example he created, I would tweak it so that you can use this syntax:

Calendar of {{dt|date2:'MMMM ddoo'}}

Where oo is the ordinal suffix

I updated this representative plnkr to give you maximum flexibility.

  • Even you answer is correct.. thanks for the efforts.. – Incpetor Jun 6 '14 at 5:24

For anybody that hits this question there is the project https://github.com/chrisiconolly/angular-all-ordinal-filters (full disclaimer: my own project) that will give you a ordinal number filter for angular.

Its used as so:

{{number | ordinal}} // 1 -> 1st
{{number | ordinalOnly}} // 1 -> st

It's fully tested and running through travis so it will remain stable.


I wanted to have the ordinal indicator as a superscript, so used the following:

<div>{{amount}}<sup ng-bind="amount | ordinal"></sup></div>

Using the filter:

app.filter('ordinal', function() {
return function(number){
    if (isNaN(number) || number < 1){
        return '';
    } else if (number % 100 == 11 || number % 100 == 12) {
        return 'th';
    } else {
        var lastDigit = number % 10;
        if (lastDigit === 1) {
            return 'st';
        } else if (lastDigit === 2) {
            return 'nd';
        } else if (lastDigit === 3) {
            return 'rd';
        } else if (lastDigit > 3) {
            return 'th';

Note that this correctly renders 11th, 12th, 111th, 1012th, and not 11st.


You could wrap your date in a momentjs object like

$scope.dt = moment($scope.dt);

then do

<p id="summaryHeader">Calendar of {{dt.format("ddd Do")}}</p>

Other options may be better unless you already use momentjs elsewhere, just an option.

  • This looks like a great approach! I wonder, is it better to keep ALL dates in AngularJS as moment() object or as standard JS date? – Dimitry K Sep 10 '18 at 19:05
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    @Dimitry momentjs is a large package and will add memory and performance overhead, so I suggest trying to use the native Date object where possible. Also consider alternatives such as github.com/you-dont-need/You-Dont-Need-Momentjs - saying that, I've found momentjs very helpful! – Dunc Sep 19 '18 at 9:19
  • tks! Will try! I guess for nodejs momentjs is great, but you're right for frontend every library adds up.. – Dimitry K Sep 19 '18 at 15:42

While not my best work you can start with this as a baseline


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