I deleted a heroku app reinitialized the local repository but when I try to add the new remote repository it won't let me add the new remote because the remote already exists but with the old name. I tried doing a rename but that didn't work either because of course the old app no longer exists. When I run "git remote -v" I get:

heroku  git@heroku.com:fierce-reef-7370.git (fetch)
heroku  git@heroku.com:fierce-reef-7370.git (push)

both are referencing the old app. I have no idea how to remove these so that I can push to the new remote heroku app.



You can use git remote set-url to change the url:

git remote set-url heroku <new-url>

Alternatively, you can use git remote rm to remove a remote by name:

git remote rm heroku
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    That is exactly what I needed! Thanks. – djpATLSF Jun 5 '14 at 23:08

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