Can I call a stored procedure in Oracle via a database link?

The database link is functional so that syntax such as...

SELECT * FROM myTable@myRemoteDB

is functioning. But is there a syntax for...

EXECUTE mySchema.myPackage.myProcedure('someParameter')@myRemoteDB

The syntax is

EXEC mySchema.myPackage.myProcedure@myRemoteDB( 'someParameter' );
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    @xtsoler - That would work for a stored function, not a stored procedure. – Justin Cave Sep 20 '16 at 19:04
  • Do you know how can i invoke a stored procedure with parameters? – Afaria Jul 5 '17 at 20:10
  • @Afaria - The example I posted is passing a parameter (the string 'someParameter'). – Justin Cave Jul 5 '17 at 21:13

check http://www.tech-archive.net/Archive/VB/microsoft.public.vb.database.ado/2005-08/msg00056.html

one needs to use something like

cmd.CommandText = "BEGIN foo@v; END;" 

worked for me in vb.net, c#

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