I am calling an unconnected lookup in Informatica and I am getting this error:

ERROR : Lookup port rfb_id in lkp_V_CLAIM_ELIGBLTY_EFF_LTCG_seqid not specified in lookup override
Transformation Parse Fatal Error; transformation stopped...
TE_7002 [<<PM Parse Error>> [:LKP.RLKP_V_CLAIM_ELIGBLTY_EFF_LTCG_SEQID(rfb_id)]: : invalid function reference

My lookup is as follows


  • in_rfb_id [Input]
  • rfb_id [Lookup]
  • CLAIM_ELIG_EFF_LTCG_SEQ_ID [Output, Lookup, Return]

SQL Override:

   -- where rfb_id = in_rfb_id
 group by rfb_id  --


  • rfb_id = in_rfb_id

Other information:

  • data types are the same between lookup and expression, both integer
  • SQL returns a one column list of 962 integers

The SQL Override query has to contain rfb_id.

By default, the Integration Service executes a lookup query (automatically generated or provided by the developer) once and stores the result in a cache file. Later, the cache file is queried for every input row. The cache must contain values both for the output ports (so they can be returned) and for the input ports (so the incoming values can be compared with the cached lookup source based on the lookup condition).

  • Thank you. Your changes help even more. – staples Jun 6 '14 at 18:40
  1. Its case sensitive, try to match it.
  2. try lookupOverrideParsingSetting = 2 in custom properties at session level (under config object tab).

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