I've imported and created a bridging header for some old C source code to Swift. The function signature looks like so:

struct Message prattle_parse_message(char *line);

The swift declaration for it is:

func prattle_parse_message(line: CMutablePointer<CChar>) -> Message

However, I'm not sure how to convert a Swift String (or an NSString) to a CMutablePointer<CChar> to be passed to this function.

("Test" as NSString).UTF8String returns a CString which won't work.

Could someone point me in the right direction with this?


This should be it...

var data =     inString.dataUsingEncoding(encoding, allowsLossyConversion: allow)
var ccharstr = CChar[](count:data.length, repeatedValue:CChar(0))  

data.getBytes(&ccharstr length:data.length)


var message =  prattle_parse_message(&ccharstr)

Can't test the last line but I think this should work

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This seems to work:


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