Using XE6, the Embarcadero documentation here states that TPath::GetLibraryPath () "Returns the path to a directory to store any data that your application needs store, regardless of the user".

Yet, in the Sample Path table, they list OS X's for this function as


which seems user-specific. The first question is whether this is, in fact, the correct folder to use to store data regardless of the user. The second question is - if not - how to get the folder to the user-non-specific Library in OS X?

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    From the docs: On Windows, it points to the folder that contains the executable file. That sounds really useful. One does wonder about FMX. Don't the able folk at Emba suffer from any embrassment at all? – David Heffernan Jun 7 '14 at 7:24
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    don't use TPath. How about you just write a function to return what you want, using some {$ifdef} code. I would think the OS X define returning '/Library/YourCompany/AppName' would be something you could generate yourself, and for the Windows side, you'd want to invoke the SHGetSpecialFolderPath with whatever CSIDL_ constant you need to find 'c:\programData' or its equivalent, then add 'YourCompany\AppName' to that. – Warren P Jun 7 '14 at 14:34

I use something like this for retrieving this folder.

  Macapi.Foundation, Macapi.Helpers;

  ENSFileManagerException = class(Exception);

function GetFolder_ProgramData: string;
  FileManager: NSFileManager;
  ID: Cardinal;
  Domain: Cardinal;
  Url: NSURL;
  Bundle: NSBundle;
  ID := NSApplicationSupportDirectory; // ProgramData on Windows
  Domain := NSLocalDomainMask;

  FileManager := TNSFileManager.Wrap(TNSFileManager.OCClass.defaultManager);
  Url := FileManager.URLForDirectory(ID, Domain, nil, False, nil);
  if URL <> nil then
    Result := NSStrToStr(Url.path)
    raise ENSFileManagerException.CreateFmt('Could not retrieve folder for ID %d', [ID]); //Error.localizedDescription.UTF8String);
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