I am parsing all logins for a Windows system ($system). I'm trying to get a tuple/array of domain, user, session id.

$logged_on_users = Get-WmiObject Win32_LoggedOnUser -ComputerName $system

I'm then calling the type's function to pull out two variables (Antecedent and Depedent) within each value:

$all_user_sessions = @()
foreach ($x in $logged_on_users){
  $t = @()
  $t += $x.GetPropertyValue("Antecedent").tostring()
  $t += $x.GetPropertyValue("Dependent").tostring()
  $all_user_sessions += $t

What is the syntax for a one-line Array Comprehension (if it's even possible)? I have:

$all_user_sessions = ($logged_on_users | % { @($_.GetPropertyValue("Antecedent").tostring(), $_.GetPropertyValue("Dependent").tostring() ) })

When I add

foreach ($s in $all_user_sessions){
  echo $s.GetType().FullName

The type is a String, not an Array.

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This is going to sound a little weird, but you need to add a comma before the array in your ForEach-Object loop:

$all_user_sessions = ($logged_on_users | % { ,@($_.GetPropertyValue("Antecedent").tostring(), $_.GetPropertyValue("Dependent").tostring() ) })

As your code is written you're adding everything to a single array. Placing the comma like that will create an array (actually an object) of each index.

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    Thanks, it worked perfectly. I'm just used to Python.
    – malogos
    Jun 9, 2014 at 17:21

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