When I push a new version of a Chrome extension to the Chrome Web Store, how long after the new version becomes visible in the Chrome Web Store will it take for current users to be automatically updated to the new version?

I pushed an update about six hours ago, but the extension hasn't updated for me yet. The Chrome docs are unclear.

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    If your question is why it is not auto updating. This typically happens once in several hours. The precise frequency is unknown as mentioned in archive of https://developer.chrome.com/extensions/autoupdate. And in practice I've actually had to restart to see it update or ended up updating them manually.
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    This question appears to be off-topic because it is about 3rd party publication cycles.
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Automatic updates

Currently, this defaults to 5 hours (based on the code here), which can be overridden by launching Chrome with the extensions-update-frequency command-line parameter, which is the frequency in seconds.

Manual updates

You can go to chrome://extensions, tick the "Developer mode" checkbox at the top right, then press the "Update Extensions Now" button.


The Chrome documentation (archive of https://developer.chrome.com/extensions/autoupdate) doesn't specify this 5 hour value though, so it could change in future versions without notice:

Every few hours, the browser checks whether any installed extensions or apps have an update URL. For each one, it makes a request to that URL looking for an update manifest XML file.


Restarting the browser and OS didn't help. Eventually, the extension updated itself, but it took at least 48 hours.

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    This is not an answer to the stated question, even if you accept it as such.
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