I'd like write a method that returns the source code of any block passed to it as a string, e.g.:

=> block_to_string { foo(42) }
=> "foo(42)"

It would be easy if the block were already a string, e.g.:

block_to_string { "foo(42)" }

but then, I'd miss syntax highlighting, etc., for that block. So how can I write block_to_string?

def block_to_string
  # what goes here?

I haven't used it but I guess the sourcify gem is what you need: https://github.com/ngty/sourcify

lambda { x + y }.to_source(:strip_enclosure => true)
# >> "(x + y)"
  • This gem is like 9 years old, unsupported, and has warnings of bugginess beyond Ruby 1.9.
    – iconoclast
    Jan 4 '19 at 3:40

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