I have an very simple ASP.NET vNext just wanted to be a static file server. I had used kvm upgrade to install the latest version and below is my project.json.

    "dependencies": {
        "Helios" : "0.1-alpha-*",
        "Microsoft.AspNet.FileSystems": "0.1-alpha-*",
        "Microsoft.AspNet.Http": "0.1-alpha-*",
        "Microsoft.AspNet.StaticFiles": ""
    "commands": {
        "web": "Microsoft.AspNet.Hosting server=Microsoft.AspNet.Server.WebListener server.urls=http://localhost:22222"
    "configurations" : {
        "net45" : {
        "k10" : {
            "System.Diagnostics.Contracts": "",
            "System.Security.Claims" :  "0.1-alpha-*"

And below is my Startup.cs

using System;
using Microsoft.AspNet.Builder;

namespace WebApplication3
    public class Startup
        public void Configure(IBuilder app)

Then when I ran kpm restore I got the error said

Unable to locate Microsoft.AspNet.StaticFiles >= 0.1-alpha-build-0402
Unable to locate Microsoft.AspNet.Diagnostics >= 0.1-alpha-build-0623
Unable to locate Microsoft.AspNet.Hosting >= 0.1-alpha-build-0519
Unable to locate Microsoft.AspNet.Server.WebListener >= 0.1-alpha-build-0469

Below is the result of kvm list.

Active Version              Runtime Architecture Location
------ -------              ------- ------------ --------
       0.1-alpha-build-0421 svr50   x86          C:\Users\me\.kre\packages
       0.1-alpha-build-0472 svr50   x64          C:\Users\me\.kre\packages
       0.1-alpha-build-0472 svr50   x86          C:\Users\me\.kre\packages
  *    0.1-alpha-build-0496 svr50   x86          C:\Users\me\.kre\packages

I think I have 0.1-alpha-* installed but why kpm restore told me cannot find.


Do you have the AspNet vNext MyGet feed (github.com/aspnet/Home/blob/master/NuGet.Config#L4) configured?


Try adding a version to the StaticFiles dependency

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