Using Cordova 3.5.0, when I run cordova prepare ios it overwrites my build number as well as the app's version number, using the version string from config.xml.


<widget id="tld.domain.app" version="1.0.1"  

It sets the CFBundleVersion the same as the short version:

enter image description here

So I have to keep manually keep resetting my build number to my format which is YYYYMMDD.

Ideally I'd like it to either leave the build number alone, or be able to set it explicitly in the config.xml file.

Are either of these possible?

  • (I have tried adding a build=N attribute) – Ade Jun 9 '14 at 8:44

I found the answer in this resolved issue.

There are separate versionCode attributes (separate to version) for iOS and Android, that need to be added to your config.xml file:

<widget ... android-versionCode="201406092" ios-CFBundleVersion="201406092"

This post here was a little clearer to me, a little more complete, so I mention it just in case it helps. Note that, effectively, it is almost the exact same as what Ade said. I only provide it because the first time I read Ade's answer, I was confused and did not fully understand his answer until I saw the answer below.

If you want to separate the build number from the version number, you can add the following attributes to the widget tag in your config.xml:

version="VERSIONNR" android-versionCode="BUILDNR" ios-CFBundleVersion="BUILDNR"

so the complete tag, with those attributes included, looks something like this:

<widget id="APPID" version="VERSIONNR" android-versionCode="BUILDNR" 
ios-CFBundleVersion="BUILDNR" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/ns/widgets"

(text in uppercase are placeholders)

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    Have to be careful with the android-versionCode attribute, I think it can't accept the same values as the ios-CFBundleVersion attribute. I had problems opening a cordova app in AndroidStudio when I set those attributes to the same value. Possibly android-versionCode has to be a whole number, while ios-CFBundleVersion can have decimal points? – newenglander Nov 5 '15 at 14:09
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    Good point. In my case, the ios bundle has a decimal but the android does not. So ios has a build of 2.58, but android has a build of 258. I keep the two in sync so it is at least possible to tell the two devices use basically the same build. – user3329922 Nov 6 '15 at 17:50

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