After some heavy tinkering, I must have screwed up my R installation and some package permissions. Rather than try to fix it, I just want to wipe and reinstall everything. So I did:

sudo apt-get remove r-base-core
sudo apt-get remove r-base
sudo apt-get autoremove

Which did uninstall R, except when I reinstalled R, my old packages were still available (and some of them were causing troubles).

How can I do a complete reinstall, including removing all packages, except for the included base library?

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In R, you can use the .libPaths() instruction (or R -e '.libPaths()' in terminal) to know where your packages are installed. Delete those folders and reinstall.

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    This worked perfectly! I remove two directories with my installed packages, and apt-get remove took care of the main files. Jun 12, 2014 at 10:18
  • Since this is a highly upvoted question, I am asking a closely related follow up question: What If we delete any folder recursively from a specific .libPath() with an intention to remove one or more packages from a specific .libPath()? Will it be a clean uninstallation of a package? Case in hand same package installed twice. Apr 24 at 3:54

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