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How can I format numbers in C# so 12523.57 becomes "12K", 2323542.32 becomes "2M", etc?

I don't know how to append the correct number abbreviation (K, M, etc) and show the appropriate digits?


1000 = 1K  
2123.32 = 2K  
30040 = 30k  
2000000 = 2M  

Is there a built in way in C# to do this?

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I don't think this is standard functionality in C#/.Net, but it's not that difficult to do this yourself. In pseudocode it would be something like this:

if (number>1000000)
   string = floor(number/1000000).ToString() + "M";
else if (number > 1000)
   string = floor(number/1000).ToString() + "K";
   string = number.ToString();

If you don't want to truncate, but round, use round instead of floor.


There's no built in way, you'll have to roll your own routine, similar to this:

public string ConvertNumber(int num)
    if (num>= 1000)
        return string.Concat(num/ 1000, "k");
        return num.ToString();

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