I was just wondering if there's elisp package/snippet out there that would merge multiple invocations of the same editing command into 1 undo history. For example, if I hold down C-k to kill 10 lines, is there a way to tell Emacs to collapse them all as 1 undo history where if I undo, instead of having to undo 10 times, I can just undo once?

(No answer that tells me to use C-u 10 C-k or something like that will be accepted)

Thanks in advance!


You have to advice kill-append which is called when you do C-k repeatedly:

(defadvice kill-append (after merge-undo activate)
  (let ((prev buffer-undo-list)
        (next (cdr buffer-undo-list)))
    ;; find the next undo boundary
    (while (car next)
      (pop next)
      (pop prev))
    ;; remove this undo boundary
    (setcdr prev (cdr next))))

To disable this, do M-x ad-unadvise RET kill-append RET.

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