I want to install and use python 3.4 and its numerous libraries, (such as numpy, pandas, etc) using Anaconda. Unfortunately, I am unable to activate python 3.4.

I installed Acaconda 2.0 (Anaconda-2.0.0-Windows-x86_64) on a Windows 8 notebook. The Anaconda program installed properly and python 2.7 was installed. I then attempted to install python 3.4 using these commands at a command prompt in the C:\Program Files\Anaconda directory.

$ conda update conda
$ conda create -n py34 python=3.4 anaconda
$ activate py34

The first two seemed to work fine as I saw no error messages. At the last step I receive the following error message: No environment named “py34” exits in C:\Program Files\Anaconda\envs

Python 3.4 was installed not in the C:\Program Files\Anaconda but in the C:\Users\Daddio1949\envs\py34 directory.

I not sure how to proceed to finalize the installation, what should I do?

  • Think I was having the same problem. I started from scratch and it's working. Deleted Anaconda and all versions of Python. Removed python from my "Environemt Variables" PATH. Then re-installed just anaconda python 2.7, then used the same commands as you from /Anaconda/envs> – CArnold Mar 10 '15 at 15:55

Anaconda uses relative paths to locate the envs folder. Whenever you run the anaconda.bat or the activate.bat script, the script looks for its own location, e.g. C:\someplace\Scripts\activate.bat, then looks for an ..\envs folder, e.g. C:\someplace\envs.

What you are describing here sounds to me like you are having multiple folders with the *.bat scripts in your %PATH% variable (likely because you haven't writing rights for the C:\Program Files\Anaconda folder). When running activate.bat it seems to come from your C:\Program Files folder, whereas conda seems to run from your C:\Users directory.

My suggestions:

  • Try to run the *.bat scripts from your C:\Users\Daddio1949\Scripts directory (if present). If it does not exist, copy activate.bat and deactivate.bat from the Anaconda Scripts directory to your user scripts directory and run the *.bat files from there.
  • Try to find out if you have other activate.bat in your Windows %PATH% folders. Make sure that you call the right one.

Unfortunately, the activate script on Windows does not support activating environments not in the standard envs directory currently. Until this is fixed, you'll need to just modify the PATH variable manually.

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