Does anyone know how to add x and y axis title/labels for a Bokeh figure? E.g. X-axis: time, Y-axis: stock price.

Thanks a lot!


As of Bokeh 0.11.1, the user's guide section on axes now shows how to edit properties of existing axes. The way to do it is the same as before:

p = figure(width=300, height=300, x_axis_label='Initial xlabel')
p.xaxis.axis_label = 'New xlabel'

Check out this example: elements.py

You can also now give general plot related options (plot_width, title, etc.) to a call to figure(...) instead of the renderer function (circle, in that example)

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    For completeness: if p = figure(), then p.xaxis.axis_label = "foo" sets the label of the x-axis to foo. – Dror Feb 27 '15 at 14:24

I came up with this technique to change axis labels using CustomJS:

  1. On your fig = figure(...) declaration, set x_axis_locationand y_axis_location where you don't want the final axis to be. For example, If you wanted to have the x-axis on the bottom and y-axis on the left in the final figure, set the following:

    x_axis_location='above', y_axis_location='right'
  2. Hide the original axes:

    fig.xaxis.visible = None
    fig.yaxis.visible = None
  3. Declare new axes and add them to the figure (i.e., add them to the opposite sides of the ones that you set in step 1):

    from bokeh.models import LinearAxis
    xaxis = LinearAxis(axis_label="Initial x-axis label")
    yaxis = LinearAxis(axis_label="Initial y-axis label")
    fig.add_layout(xaxis, 'below')
    fig.add_layout(yaxis, 'left')
  4. Add the new axes to the arguments of CustomJS, where you can change their axis_labels:

    callback = CustomJS(args=dict(source=source,
                                  yaxis=yaxis), code="""
        xaxis.attributes.axis_label = "New x-axis label";
        yaxis.attributes.axis_label = "New y-axis label";
from bokeh.plotting import figure, output_file, show
from bokeh.models.annotations import Title
p = figure(plot_width=1300, plot_height=400,x_axis_type="datetime")
p.xaxis.axis_label = 'Time'
p.yaxis.axis_label = 'Stock Price'
t = Title()
t.text = 'Stock Price during year 2018'
p.title = t

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