Trying to incorporate Parse into a new Swift project.

When I get to this block:

logInViewController.fields = PFLogInFieldsUsernameAndPassword | PFLogInFieldsLogInButton | PFLogInFieldsSignUpButton | PFLogInFieldsPasswordForgotten

I'm getting this error in XCode 6:

Could not find an overload for '|' that accepts the supplied arguments

Anyone happen to know what's wrong with that syntax?


Use the .value then use the result to create a PFLogInFields instance:

logInViewController.fields = PFLogInFields(PFLogInFieldsUsernameAndPassword.value 
    | PFLogInFieldsLogInButton.value)
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Timothy's answer is right but it is better to correct the code with Swift's update.

logInViewController.fields = PFLogInFields(rawValue: 
PFLogInFieldsUsernameAndPassword.rawValue | 

Second way:

You can use operator overloading for shorter code:

func +=(inout slf: PFLogInFields,other: PFLogInFields)-> PFLogInFields{
    slf = PFLogInFields(rawValue: slf.rawValue | other.rawValue)!

func +(a: PFLogInFields, b: PFLogInFields)-> PFLogInFields{
    return PFLogInFields(rawValue: a.rawValue | b.rawValue)!

And further:

logInViewController.fields = .UsernameAndPassword + .LogInButton


logInViewController.fields = .UsernameAndPassword
logInViewController.fields += .LogInButton
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In Swift 2 it seems that the accepted solution or other answers don't work. I solved my problem by enclosing the PFLogInFields in an array. Everything seems to work just fine.

So instead of:

    loginViewController.fields = PFLogInFields.UsernameAndPassword | PFLogInFields.LogInButton | PFLogInFields.PasswordForgotten | PFLogInFields.SignUpButton | PFLogInFields.Facebook | PFLogInFields.Twitter

I wrote:

   loginViewController.fields = [PFLogInFields.UsernameAndPassword, PFLogInFields.LogInButton, PFLogInFields.PasswordForgotten, PFLogInFields.SignUpButton, PFLogInFields.Facebook, PFLogInFields.Twitter]
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  • You should also be able to avoid the PFLogInFields prefix in the case where you set the value like as an Array – kvn Mar 30 '16 at 17:14

Seems this is a moving target, as none of the answers here seem to work anymore. At present I have to use this:

logInViewController.fields =  PFLogInFields.UsernameAndPassword | PFLogInFields.LogInButton
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