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We use JmsTemplate to send PCF commands to an MQ Queue manager admin queue.

We need this in order to switch on a QUEUE DEPT triggering on a bunch of queues. This is because after firing up the QUEUE DEPT trigger MQ manager turns off the triggering on that queue.

I know that messaging processing should by its nature be an asynchronous thing. However in this particular case it would make sense to wait for a response back informing the caller of whether the trigger was switched back on or not.

By looking at the JmsTemplate API I could not spot anywhere something like this. Did I miss anything or it is not possible to achieve a functionality like the one described by javax.jms.QueueRequestor.request(Message message)?

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You are right, JmsTemplate does not offer such feature. You can look at SPR-332 for the whole history.

The last comment has a link to a project that shows how you can very easily implement that with Spring Integration.

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A pity you have to introduce a new project dependency just to address a simple thing like this natively supported by JMS specifications. As a spring enthusiastic I can admit I felt a bit left down. – Julian Jun 17 '14 at 4:06
Hi Julian. What is natively supported by the JMS spec? If it was, there's nothing we would have to do on our side, isn't it? Back to your comment, I understand the frustration but it would be as equally frustrated to provide a solution that only works in a limited range of use case (timeout, means to collect the response, number of replies, etc). – Stéphane Nicoll Jun 17 '14 at 10:13
javax.jms.QueueRequestor provides this request reply functionality. I would have expected JmsTemplate would have wrapped it just to address the concerns you were pointed to like timeout, etc. – Julian Jun 18 '14 at 0:54

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