I want to use the PhoneGap Developer App for my project. I updated my PhoneGap version on my Mac to the newest version with the following command:

sudo npm install -g phonegap

Then I cded to my project folder (root folder) and entered the command phonegap serve, but everything I get is an [error] project directory could not be found. When I create a completely new project, than everything works fine, but why can't I use that Developer App with my current project?

  • was your current project created with cordova or phonegap? Jun 10, 2014 at 21:47
  • wow, good question. i don't know, didn't thought there is much of a difference (besides the name), but i think cordova (i have some cordova folder in my project)... can i update it to phonegap? Jun 10, 2014 at 21:53
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    to run phonegap commands the project has to be created with phonegap. Do this: Create a new project with phonegap, copy www and config.xml from your existing project into the new project. You will also have to install any plugins needed in the new project. Jun 10, 2014 at 22:06
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    fun fact is that even the phonegap get-startet-documentation refers to cordova commands (see here). because of that and other hints i thought phonegap and cordova are compeletely the same (just renamed after a while). the documentation is really bad and faulty. Jun 10, 2014 at 22:11
  • but thanks for your help. i made a new (phonegap) project and copied the config.xml and www to the folder. but how should i add the plugins? with cordova plugin add org.apache.cordova.device? because i can't find another command in the phonegap documentation... Jun 10, 2014 at 22:14

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The phonegap commands create a hidden directory at the root of the app called /.cordova

You can move this directory into your existing app created with cordova to enable phonegap serve

mv /app-created-with-phone-gap/.cordova /app-create-with-cordova/


If the project was created with cordova it will be easiest to create a new project with phonegap and then copy over the www and config.xml from the existing project. You will also have to add the plugins to this new project but still use cordova plugin add to do so.

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    PhoneGap is looking for is a hidden directory called .cordova containing a file called config.json. Copying them from another project created with phonegap create (or creating them manually) is sufficient.
    – Alastair
    Aug 14, 2014 at 10:50

I've already come back with this question twice so I'll add my own answer that's slightly faster for me than creating another solution and copying the .cordova directory.

From your project root:

  1. mkdir .cordova

  2. Create a file called config.json with the following contents

        "lib": {
            "www": {
                "id": "com.phonegap.helloworld",
                "version": "3.5.0",
                "uri": "https://github.com/phonegap/phonegap-app-hello-world/archive/3.5.0.tar.gz"

**You don't even have to modify the contents of the file.

$ phonegap serve now works.

For the 'right' answer though that's more likely to work with future versions of cordova/phonegap, follow the answer of BZMWillemsen.


Installing the sample project with version 5.0.0-0.27.1 did not create the .cordova directory, so I didn't add one to my project.

Renaming the project asset directory to www fixed the issue for me.


I had the same but the project that it couldn't find was the default "hello world", it re-downloaded it when I created a new project as per Dawson's answer. After that my original project worked fine.


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