I tried apply rendered in order to check for if else conditional in JSF. (ref: Conditionally displaying JSF components)

This part is my JSF index.html

<p:commandButton value="Update Hidden Label" action="#{carForm.updateBool}" />
<h:outputText value="Text A" />
<h:outputText value=" Text B" rendered="#{carForm.booleanValue}" />

This is my java class

private boolean booleanValue;

public boolean isBooleanValue() {
    return booleanValue;

public void setBooleanValue(final boolean booleanValue) {
    this.booleanValue = booleanValue;

public void updateBool() {
    booleanValue = true;

when I tried click on "Update Hidden Label", it would update the booleanValue in java class to true, however in index.html page "Text B" is still not appear yet.


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Also you need to update page fragment with <h:outputText value=" Text B" rendered="#{carForm.booleanValue}" />

You can use <p:panel id="textPanel"></p:panel> and put your code there.

And add update parameter to p:commandButton with value textPanel, like this update="textPanel".

<p:panel id="textPanel">
  <p:commandButton value="Update Hidden Label" action="#{carForm.updateBool}" update="textPanel" />
  <h:outputText value="Text A" />
  <h:outputText value=" Text B" rendered="#{carForm.booleanValue}" />

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